Assessment Officer - Durban North Campus - N/A08111
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Number of Openings

Campus/Business Unit:

Varsity College Durban North

Direct Reporting Line:

Vice Principal Operations

Job Purpose:

Varsity College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd, is a registered private higher education institution.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To manage the entire assessment process for formative and summative assessments.
  • To ensure compliance in all areas of Assessment Strategy and Policy.
  • Manage all processes related to Colourtech, PTS and the actual Assessment Process.
  • Hand over to the AOA for the marking process.
  • Responsible for all administrative functions in support of the Assessment Process.
  • All academic administration pertaining to compliance on Assessment Strategy and Policy.
  • Maintaining up-to-date Assessment, Venue and Invigilator schedule.
  • Compiling and registers and seating plans for the Assessment Process.
  • Communicate all assessment changes effectively to students and lecturers.
  • Any other duties as and when required.                                                                                                                   
  • Academic Administrative Activities:

Student assessments:

  • Management of the Programme Assessment Schedule (PAS) for campus Assessment Scheduling.
  • Ensure an invigilator and venue is booked in advance in line with the PAS. A follow up email to remind invigilators of this booking.                                                                       
  • Follow steps in the Colourtech process from point of PTS capturing to receiving crates - see below
  • Ensure assessments and memos are stored safely at all times in the campus academic safe. Prepare all documentation required for the assessment as per the Assessment templates provided  (Registers, Seating plans, CASS lists, invigilator feedback forms, Activity Logs).
  • Allocate seat numbers per assessment which correspond with the seat numbers as per the seating plan.                                                       
  • Access the Special concession grid to ensure all concessions granted are actioned.
  • Ensure all assessment documentation above is up to date at all times and compliant with all assessment and audit processes. Each stage of the Activity Log must be accounted for by way of a signatory.                        
  • Ensure number of booklets, instruments that are issued align with those as per the assessment documentation and any surplus/shortfall has been accounted for.
  • Count all assignments/tests/exams as they are received from invigilators. Any discrepancies must be noted on the feedback forms and investigated.
  • Count all assignments/tests/exams as they are handed to lecturers for marking.
  • Count all assignments/tests/exams as they are returned from lecturers after marking. Any discrepancies noted and investigated.
  • Destroy test papers and memos that were not used during the assessment. Only one memo should be retained as a master copy and filed.
  • Manage late assignments according to the policy. Students must be notified of all application procedures surrounding late submission.                                                                            
  • Liaises with lecturers regarding marking of scripts. Informing lectures of collection timelines and marking deadlines.
  • Hands over returned assessments to the Academic Operations Administrator for capturing results into SAM.
  • Reconcile scripts at the end of each assessment and hands over to the AOA for the marking, results capture and moderation process.
  • Assist with invigilating when needed.
  • Escort students with permission slips to their test/exam venue.
  • Checking each assignment to see if students have submitted a report of similarity to their assignment and advising students of the process thereof.
  • Once marking has been received, hands process over to AOA for capturing purposes.
  • Managing any assessments being written on our campus for students from another campus                                                                       

Colourtech & PTS

  • Ensure PTS student numbers align with student registrations on SAM. Adjust where required to ensure accurate printing    This must be done prior to the batch being shared with Colourtech manage these timelines.      
  • Receive batch and lock codes from Colourtech
  • Reconcile papers received in batches and inform the relevant persons of any discrepancies or any module papers not received (this should not occur if the PTS process was done properly)
  • Reconcile number of papers received in batches and inform the relevant persons of any discrepancies.
  • Print shortfall if any and destroy surplus. (this should not occur if the PTS process was done properly)
  • Ensure process as per the Colourtech process document has been adhered to.
  • Return locks and crates to Colourtech as per the timeline.                                                                                          

Student administration

  • Hands over student list to AOA for billing purposes posts assessments.
  • Liaising with IT regarding any IT assessment set-up which may be required for assessments.
  • Receives pre-loads (exams or tests) from AOC and ensures that these are uploaded and verified by IT.                                                       
  • Notice board updates regarding the days assessments and venues.
  • Updating PTS regarding accurate student numbers to ensure accurate printing quantities will be received.                                                       
  • Forms part of the retention team on campus.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding of customer service.
  • Assertiveness and dynamism.
  • MS Excel, MS Word.                                                               
  • High level of accuracy required in both typing and data capturing.
  • Excellent organizational and administration skills.
  • Best suited to a systematic person with an eye for detail.


  • Minimum of a Higher Certificate/ Occupational certificate in Administration.
  • Diploma or advanced qualification advantageous

Work Experience:

  • 2 years administrative experience
  • Experience within a tertiary environment preferable

Working Conditions:

IIE Varsity College reserves the right not to fill the above advertised position.